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Activities at The Lake House

Trophy Mountain Meadows in summer

Guests at The Lake House can do as much or as little as they choose...

For our energetic guests, there is hiking and guided horse riding in the meadows, wetlands, and forests of Wells Gray Park. Or, if you are truly adventurous try canoeing Clearwater Lake or taking an exhilarating white water rafting excursion down Clearwater River.

Sightseeing flights over the Park offer the chance to see the many secluded lakes and waterfalls for which Wells Gray Park is famous or book a day-long boat trip to the stunning and remote Azure Lake, accessible only by boat from Clearwater Lake.

Create your own tour of the fascinating lakes, waterfalls, and historical settlers' farms along the 60 km road through the Park to the water's edge of Clearwater Lake. In the spring and summer take a 45-minute hike to experience one of Canada's most beautiful Alpine flower meadows on Trophy Mountain. Spot the abundance of wildlife that make the park their home. And in the autumn, watch the salmon spawn along the Clearwater River.

For those just wishing to relax: swim in the warm spring-fed waters of Dutch Lake, try out our paddleboards (easier than you think!), canoe, fish, walk around the lake, play a round of golf at the nearby golf course, or relax with a drink on the dock or on your private terrace. A day spent lakeside, watching the birds, waterfowl, otters and painted turtles is hard to beat!

Spring brings the arrival of 3 colored lily-pad flowers, painted turtles, hummingbirds, great blue herons, geese, loons, ducks, eagles, peeps, bears, moose, white-tailed and mule deer to our shores Or, in September marvel at the brilliant orange colored kokanee swimming in the shallows of Dutch Lake

For more summer activity ideas in Wells Gray Park:

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